A Small Plant at the Bottom of the Caribbean Sea Changed My Life



Anniesa Struck gold in the middle of a pandemic and didn’t even know it.

Like most entrepreneurs she started her small business by providing a solution to a life long issue she faced. She remedied on-going health deficiencies by rediscovering traditional health practices from her Caribbean family roots.

Sea moss is a micro-algae that grows wild at the bottom of the ocean off the shores of Jamaica. It’s been used for hundreds of years to boost immune systems and to ward off sickness. Irish moss is a drink commonly made amongst islanders to promote health and longevity. It has grown in popularity since and is newly recognized in the western health and wellness space as a “powerhouse superfood.” 

“ I was experiencing a lot of trouble with anemia. My red blood cell count and hemoglobin levels were extremely low and my body couldn’t digest conventional iron supplements. I used to have constant fainting spells at home and at work and it was really starting to take a toll on my day to day life. I was miserable and never felt so unhealthy. I had zero energy. I decided to explore more holistic options and rediscovered sea moss— a traditional remedy used by  my family members for generations. It became seriously life changing for me. I was building back up my strength and my iron levels improved. I felt motivated to implement a healthier lifestyle and found myself back at the gym and living my life the way I always intended. Fast forward to today Island moss is everything that I represent. Being a Black woman promoting a product that derives from my roots is something I’m really excited about even more-so because I’m living proof of all of it’s thriving health benefits. Island Moss is 100% health made luxurious. I source premium golden sea moss and deliver it in a way that’s delicious, trendy and impactful to all my customers. I’m excited to grow my business as I continue to develop new products. A small plant at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea changed my life and I’m proud to be part of the story of revolutionizing tradition one sip at a time!”