Immune Boosting Home Remedies— How Sea Moss Became a Staple in households all across the GTA in the Fight Against Covid-19.

 From the inception of the very first lock down back in March of 2020, residents of Ontario and all over the world felt the sudden frenzy to stock up on essentials. Toilet paper wasn’t the only thing that was all the rage, in fact health food stores seen a substantial surge in revenue as citizens sought out immune boosting vitamins, supplements and ingredients for home remedies that would fight against the dreaded Coronavirus. 

Founder and creator of Island Moss Anniesa was already on board, telling her friends and family to implement sea moss into their daily regimen in order to boost their immune systems.

“ I always felt that being proactive and preventative when it comes to our health is always the better move. So when I saw people stocking up on cough medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, I knew I had to speak up and do my part. I made it a point to explain to those around me that there are tons of health benefits in raw natural ingredients. Sea moss is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and was once used centuries ago to cure respiratory diseases such a tuberculosis and pneumonia. I had initially started using sea moss as a holistic alternative for an iron supplement but soon became aware of the bountiful health benefits that it provides, the more I did my research. Sea moss rids the body of mucus, and mucus is the cornerstone of disease in the body. The more we expel mucus and build up a better resistance; the better we will feel about our health during this pandemic”

Anniesa now sells her Island sea moss to promote health and doesn’t shy away from the fact that this super food from the Caribbean is great to have in your health arsenal against Covid19.